picture: Arthur Amaral

Actor, clown, researcher, orientator and director. Was born in Espírito Santo do Pinhal (SP), joined LUME Teatro in 1988, helped to build the group as a research core beside Luís Otávio Burnier and Carlos Simioni. Translated to Portuguese in partnership with Burnier and Simioni, the books "Beyond the Floating Islands" and "The Secret Art of the Performer" by Eugenio Barba. Is the Artistic Coordinator of LUME Teatro, member of Lume’s scientific committee and member of the editorial committee for LUME’s magazine.

International reference in the clown art, answers for the research system of LUME Teatro in the comic use of the body developing a personal methodology of work. Responsible for the continual orientation of several clowns and clown groups and leading of workshops for clown technique throughout Brazil and other countries.

Develops  researches into Theatre Anthropology and Brazilian Culture in the elaboration, codification and systematization of corporal and vocal techniques of performance and clowning techniques under the orientation of Luis Otávio.

Nowadays develops researches in field of “Clown Art”; “Dramatization of Non-conventional spaces” (which principal focus is the research about the specifications of the actor on streets and open spaces); “Technical and Energetic training of the Actor”; and “Building the Scene by the Actor’s dance”. As an actor of LUME, works in the spectacles : “Cnossos” (since 1995), directed by Luís Otávio Burnier; “Cravo, Lírio e Rosa” (since 1996), directed by himself and Carlos Simioni; “La Scarpetta (Spettacolo Artístico)”, since 1997, directed by the Italian clown Nani Colombaioni; “Parada de Rua” (since 1998), directed by Kai Bredholt; “Shi-zen, 7 Cuias” (since 2004), directed by Tadashi Endo; “Kavka – agarrado num traço a lápis”, since 2007, directed by Naomi Silman; and “Os Bem-Intencionados”, since 2012, directed by Grace Passô.

Also at LUME Teatro joined as an actor in a butô’s spectacle “Sleep and Reincarnation from the Empty Land” (1991), directed by  Natsu Nakajima (Japan); and in the clown’s spectacles “Valef Ormos.”, (between 1992 and 1995) and “Mixórdia em Marcha-Ré Menor” (between 1995 e 1997). Had directed: “Contadores de Estórias”, with LUME’s actors (from 1995 to 1998); “Mixórdia em Marcha-Ré Menor” (between 1995 and 1997); “Spirulina em Spathodea” (2008), with the clown Silvia Leblon; “Flamingos Del Fuego” (2012), with The Pambazos Bros; and “Sonho de Ícaro” (together with Naomi Silman), in 2010, celebrating LUME Teatro’s 25th anniversary , accomplished with 80 artists from different theatrical groups of Barão Geraldo. Acted also in short films, in the film Rio Vermelho, of Julia Zakia and in  documentary Hotxuás, of Gringo Cardia e Letícia Sabatella (as actor and clown). Nowadays is general director (in partnership with Patrick Nolan, Legs on the Wall, Australia) of the Project “Perch – uma Celebração de Vôos e Quedas”, international project that envisions the realization of a big street spectacle on July of 2014 transmitted simultaneously between Brazil, Scotland and Australia.

> Email: ricardo@lumeteatro.com.br